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If you’re sick of losing your hard-earned money to the bookies and want an unfair advantage to actually BEAT those greedy little devils, this is what you need...

"I lost my job due to Covid, but horse betting saved me and gave me some tax-free income..."

After losing my job, horse betting was the one thing that kept me up and provided me with some money to put bread on the table. I’ve been horse betting for decades, and I’m happy to say it’s a skill I’ve mastered! Since launching the King of the Picks service (Nov 2020) early subscribers have won +357.65 points profit. That works out at £7,153 in profit to £10 EW stakes.

All I want to do right now, is share it with others, so we can beat the bookies and start winning!

KOTP cumulative P&L chart Jan 2024
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Who is Hugh Doyle?

Like many of us, I lost my job due to Covid. Last year I was still working behind a bar but when Covid came it crushed the company and robbed me of my job.

I loved working behind the bar, it was great and all… but what I really loved was giving our guests some horse betting tips, and help them win! 

I never thought I’d pursue a career as a horse racing tipster (even though I grew up with horse racing, grey hound racing and even a brother who became a jockey and cousins who are famous in p2p).

But now, after it saved me and gave me my income the past 12 months, I’ve decided to share my wins and luck with others to beat the bookies, like I did with my guests. Enjoy access to my horse racing tips & let’s beat the bookies.

– Hugh Doyle

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